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Following is my story for Susanna Hill’s Valentine’s Day writing contest. It should be a story about someone who is hopeful. I tried my hand at the new watercolor pencils I got for Christmas to do a couple of illustrations. Guess what? I’ve got a lot to learn 😉 And a lot of experimenting and practicing to do. But I will give myself some credit for trying.


by Alayne Kay Christian


ladybug flyEmma kissed her ladybug.
She made a wish and set it free.
Emma missed her ladybug.
She wept and launched a hunting spree.

Spying, eying swaying swings
and ’round the dandelion patch.
Seeking polka dotted wings,
to find her ladybug to catch.

Glancing at a garden glove,
she asked herself, “Where could it be?”
Peeking, seeking Lady love,
she whispered, “Please come back to me.”

gnome2Looking high and looking low
at trees, a bush, a garden gnome.
Walking over nice and slow,
she stopped near Froggy’s leafy home.

Checking under rows of rocks
and over every anthill mound.
Searching flowers and garden crocs,
she cried. No ladybugs were found.

Emma wished for Bug’s return
with hopes that maybe it would stay.
Drifting off with rolling clouds,
she slept the sunny day away.

Tiny, tickly Lady legs
and sparkly blinking eyes –
Was she dreaming, could it be
her wish had brought this brilliant prize?

“Ladybug!” She crossed her eyes,
she laughed aloud, and then she rose.
Ladybug had found a home
upon the tip of Emma’s nose.

ladybugnose crop2



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